About Dr. Rose

Dr. Rose Moten (Dr. Rose) is a fully licensed clinical psychologist, author, speaker and life-transformation coach. She is the director of BLOOM Transformation Center, a full-service wellness clinic offering traditional and holistic services to assist others in psychological and emotional well-being. 

Dr. Rose artfully blends traditional and holistic methods to provide clients with practical techniques proven to transform even the most challenging circumstances.  In her 20 years of experience, Dr. Rose has consulted and provided services to individuals and organizations all over the world. Her cutting-edge perspective and services has been featured nationally on television, radio, and in newsprint articles.  

Dr. Rose’s 20 years of mental health experience, in addition to her own challenging personal experiences, life-changing adversity, and subsequent re-birth, led her to write her second book, BLOOM, 7-Steps to Personal Transformation (available on this site and Amazon). The highly acclaimed book provides a blueprint that promotes self-discovery, personal transformation, and unbridled success. 

Dr. Rose believes it is more important than ever for people to have access to quality and revolutionary mental health services. As a native Detroiter, this was the driving force behind the relocation of her practice back to the city of Detroit in 2018. Dr. Rose is committed to the emotional freedom and healing of others world-wide. Dr. Rose works with individuals and organizations all over the world to achieve optimal emotional well-being and to challenge outdated practices and belief systems that are contrary to growth.

 In addition to Individual, Couples and Group Counseling Services, Dr. Rose provides Group and Individual Life Transformation Coaching, Trauma Release Services, Transformation Retreats, Media Expertise and Organizational Consulting. 

Some of the companies Dr. Rose has been featured on and or provided consultation services for include: