About Dr. Rose

Dr. Rose Moten (Dr. Rose) is a fully licensed clinical psychologist, author, speaker and life-transformation coach. She is the director of BLOOM Transformation Center, a full-service wellness clinic offering traditional and holistic services to assist others in psychological and emotional well-being. 

Dr. Rose artfully blends traditional and holistic methods to provide clients with practical techniques proven to transform even the most challenging circumstances.  In her 20 years of experience, Dr. Rose has consulted and provided services to individuals and organizations all over the world. Her cutting-edge perspective and services has been featured nationally on television, radio, and in newsprint articles.  

Dr. Rose’s 20 years of mental health experience, in addition to her own challenging personal experiences, life-changing adversity, and subsequent re-birth, led her to write her second book, BLOOM, 7-Steps to Personal Transformation (available on this site and Amazon). The highly acclaimed book provides a blueprint that promotes self-discovery, personal transformation, and unbridled success. 

Dr. Rose believes it is more important than ever for people to have access to quality and revolutionary mental health services. As a native Detroiter, this was the driving force behind the relocation of her practice back to the city of Detroit in 2018. Dr. Rose is committed to the emotional freedom and healing of others world-wide. Dr. Rose works with individuals and organizations all over the world to achieve optimal emotional well-being and to challenge outdated practices and belief systems that are contrary to growth.

 In addition to Individual, Couples and Group Counseling Services, Dr. Rose provides Group and Individual Life Transformation Coaching, Trauma Release Services, Transformation Retreats, Media Expertise and Organizational Consulting. 



Dr. Rose Moten is an acclaimed author, distinguished and highly sought after public speaker, life transformation coach, podcast host, health and wellness influencer and licensed psychologist. Founder of Transcendent Life Counseling Services, LLC, and BLOOM Transformation Center, Dr. Rose is passionately committed to helping others achieve extraordinary success in life.

In her 20 years of experience, Dr. Rose has consulted and provided services to individuals and organizations all over the world. Her cutting-edge perspective and services has been featured nationally on television, radio, and in newsprint articles.

Dr. Rose Moten embodies the concepts she puts forth in her book Bloom: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation. At the height of her academic, professional and personal success, Dr. Rose realized that she was disconnected from the true essence of her being.

Having worn multiple labels for years of daddy’s girl, caregiver, wife, mother, teacher, therapist, writer, academic and professional phenom, Dr. Rose had a wake-up call.

Dr. Rose realized that she’d been disconnected and forced to adapt to externally-imposed labels right out of the womb when, just seconds after her birth, her parents were told by doctors, and therefore believed, that they’d had a baby boy. Later, to her parents’ disbelief and confusion, the “Moten baby girl” was brought to them. Rose spent the first decade of her life being the quintessential tomboy and Daddy’s girl – all rolled into one.

At age 12, Dr. Rose’s father had a debilitating stroke, so she added or accepted another label – that of caregiver – as she helped her mother care for her father until she left for college. Within two years, Dr. Rose became a caregiver once again after an unplanned pregnancy occurred during her second year in college.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree with Magna Cum Laude distinction, Dr. Rose married her high school sweetheart and additional labels quickly followed – with “over-achiever” leading the way. She went on to receive her Master’s and Doctoral degree in psychology Summa Cum Laude, all while working full time and balancing the demands of family, as a dutiful wife and mother.

Rose’s Bloom

In the midst of living a life molding herself to everyone else’s expectations without question or complaint, Dr. Rose’s world was upended through a series of stressful events. While pregnant with her third child, Dr. Rose’s mother had a stroke that nearly took her life. Shortly after her third child’s birth, Dr. Rose’s father passed away, 18 years after suffering his debilitating stroke.

It was at this point, that Dr. Rose began the deliberate journey of rediscovering herself and, ultimately, discovered her Bloom.

Through years of professional study and application, Dr. Rose had identified, developed and used with her clients a comprehensive personality inventory, which she aptly named after flowers known for their Blooms: Mums, Tulips, Poppies and Wildflowers.  Turning that inventory to herself, she realized she’d been living as a “Mum/Poppy” (a stabilizer/nurturer), when the essence of her true self was a “Tulip/Wildflower” (an innovator/adventurer).

As Dr. Rose rediscovered her authentic self, she underwent drastic life changes including ending her 12-year-marriage, becoming a single parent to four children, and transforming her appearance by shedding excess weight. Dr. Rose also experienced radical emotional changes - finally allowing the composed exterior she wore as a defense to fall away. For the first time in years, she gave herself permission to experience a full spectrum of emotions - from tears to unbridled joy. As she blossomed, Dr. Rose developed and honed her 7 Steps to Personal Transformation, sharing them with her clients, as well as applying them to her own life. Through her personal transformation process, Dr. Rose became the comfortable, down-to-earth, confident woman we see today.

Dr. Rose captures and imparts all of these concepts in her best-selling, life-changing book Bloom: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation.

In Full Bloom

Today, Dr. Rose works with companies and individuals all over the country to walk them toward their own transformation by using the concepts in Bloom.

Dr. Rose’s Bloom: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation revolutionary concepts are literally transforming lives and businesses around the country, helping to awaken and reconnect people to their natural, most productive, most fulfilling state of being. 

BLOOM: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation

One of the most influential psychologists of our time, Dr. Rose Moten, presents life- and culture-changing concepts in her latest book, Bloom: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation.

Dr. Rose identifies the behavioral symptoms that manifest in response to dissatisfaction with life-imposed labels. She studies the emotional agitation and dejection that occurs when ill-fitting personality types are embraced over a lifetime of adaption.

Building upon the personality assessment theories introduced by Drs. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, leading to the subsequent Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs), among others, Dr. Rose uses the significant research she’s amassed over the years to present four primary Bloom personality types: Wildflower (Life of the Party), Mum (Stabilizer), Tulip (Innovator) and Poppy (Nurturer).

Dr. Rose states, “Bloom wasn’t designed as a psychological research study book, although it may be used for that purpose. This book, with its modern day relevance, was written to transform people’s lives by presenting complex concepts in an understandable, easily applicable manner.”

Dr. Rose Moten’s seminal findings presented in Bloom, catapult her to the level of some of the world’s best psychological theorists, such as Drs. Jung, Freud, B.F. Skinner, and Erik Erikson, as she presents not only her understanding of human behavior, but how to awaken the subconscious self, transform and redirect that behavior back to its original design.


Imagine if I told you to spend the rest of this day and tomorrow walking backwards. You could do it, but it would require consistent mental effort, deliberate focus and concentration. What I have witnessed over the years is that operating outside of your personality type is like walking backwards. You learn to navigate, take careful, deliberate steps and become pretty efficient at avoiding potential stumbling blocks, but eventually and inevitably you are compelled to turn around and walk in the way that’s natural for you. (Excerpt from Bloom: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation)

Beginning with intense self-assessment, Dr. Rose elicits transformation by reconnecting the reader with their authentic self and challenging them to employ techniques such as sensory application, visualization, verbal affirmations, and mental stillness, among others.

Throughout my years as a psychologist, I have noticed that the clients who make the most radical changes in their lives and execute extraordinary transformations are the ones willing to honestly challenge every value, belief system and truth they’ve come to know. By no means does this suggest you discard every prior belief you’ve held true. It is to say, however, that you begin to take an honest, open evaluation of the thoughts, beliefs and practices that may be stifling your growth. (Excerpt from Bloom: 7 Steps to Personal Transformation)

Dr. Rose shares and teaches her proven 7-step transformational process to audiences all over the country – from corporations to women’s groups to couple’s conferences. Through Bloom seminars, Dr. Rose connects participants to their authentic selves and then to each other, as she helps jumpstart personal and collective productivity.

Through Bloom’s revolutionary yet practical concepts and strategies, not only is Dr. Rose transforming lives, she’s directly and indirectly impacting the individual and collective thinking and behavior of people around the world.

Is the current course of your life one that will have you questioning in your last breath, “What if I had it all wrong?” What if the principles, rules and limits you have been conditioned to believe don’t hold true? What if you’ve done all the things you were told were the right things to do, yet you’ve found yourself living an unfulfilled life?

Transformation isn’t always easy, but with the right tools and a shift in attitude it is ALWAYS possible.

 The Impact of BLOOM 

       Media Appearances ~ Featured Psychologist

  • The Oprah Winfrey Show ~ Commentary on the death of Michael Jackson

  • OWN Network: Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal ~ Featured Psychologist

  • Detroit Free Press Guest Columnist

  • TEDx: Rediscovering You, A Path to Authenticity

  • Chicago Sun Times

  • WXYX Channel 7 News (Detroit ABC affiliate)

  • Gayle King XM Radio

  • WDIV Channel 4 (Detroit NBC Affiliate)

  • Mildred Gaddis Morning Show

  • Talk of the Town Sunday Morning Radio Show

  • Ramona Prater's "F-Club Radio Show" (Radio One) Resident Psychologist

  • Brenda Perryman Show (Comcast Detroit) Resident Psychologist


      Notable Speaking Engagements

  • General Motors “Managing Up! How to Manage Your Manager” (Dearborn, MI)

  • The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers (Detroit, MI)

  • Wayne State University 2017 Commencement Speaker (Detroit, MI)

  • Latina Style Magazine Conference Speaker (Phoenix, AZ)

  • Women at Rest (Key West, FL; Nassau, Bahamas; Negril, Jamaica)

  • Frito Lay “Starting Over after Unexpected Job Loss” (Allen Park, MI)

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield “Coping with Grief/Trauma”

  • The Divorce Expo “Rediscovering You Post-Divorce” (Chicago, IL)

  • The Detroit Public Library “Blooming through Reorganization”

  • The Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development: Trail of Tears Tour




Dr. Rose Moten did an OUTSTANDING job today at General Motors. She led a fantastic workshop “Managing Up! How to Manage Your Manager.” We want to say thank you for your time and insight. The feedback has been very positive and we learned how to be better Leaders in the New GM! ~ Alexis Allen Kerr, GM

I am simply overwhelmed because after reading Dr. Rose Moten’s book BLOOM, I literally started implementing all of the steps she outlined, put my pic of Oprah on my vision board, started affirming and then BAM it happens!! I’ve been selected to attend OPRAH'S LIFE CLASS LIVE taping in New York @ Radio City Music Hall featuring Tony Robbins!!! OMG!! So with all that said, since I can take someone with me, pack your bags Dr. Rose Moten, we are headed to NYC to see OPRAH!! ~ Lynnette Rogers

I am loving BLOOM and I’m blooming more and more as I read......Thank You...xoxo. ~ LovExperience Conference Attendee

 I finished your book before going to bed last night. I woke up this morning feeling more confident and encouraged than I have in years. Thank you! ~ LovExperience Conference Attendee

You are an inspiration to me because I am a mother of five children. I just graduated from school with only my associate degree with a concentration in psychology. I am trying to attain my goal of being a psychologist one day. I am striving to receive my Doctorate degree in the field of psychology as well. I attended MSU right out of high school and became pregnant with my first child at the age of 19. It took me 13 years to return back to school, and I am doing everything I possibly can to just keep on going even through the midst of marriage woes, taking my children back and forth to all of their extracurricular activities, appointments, etc. I appreciate that there is someone that I can relate to. You give me hope in the midst of my struggle to achieve my goal. For all of this, I say Thank You. ~ Teneshia Daniels

I am rediscovering myself and realized that I am a poppy... Not sure how I feel about that since that was the first one I swore off... Uncomfortably in Bloom.  Since reading your book, I gathered the courage to leave a marriage I should have never gone into. As painful as this transition has been it becomes clearer everyday that this was the best thing I could have done for myself. ~ Sydney F.

I'm so excited to share that one of my affirmations has bloomed!   I wanted to serve on the board for “Inside Detroit” (non-profit) and repeatedly said my affirmation of “I am enjoying working on the board for Inside Detroit” and I am now attending my first board meeting this evening. I am so excited! I wanted to share this with you and let you know that the advice/tips you shared at the seminar, I have put into work into my life! I am now using Conscious Awareness for Learning to Manifest Success in my life and I am loving it! ~ Inside Detroit Board Member

Some of the companies Dr. Rose has been featured on and or provided consultation services for include: