Doctor’s Delights

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Rose witnesses on a daily basis the lack of mental health awareness that exists in our society. In addition to the lack of awareness, the abundance of mis-information and stigma regarding mental health is a major barrier that impedes the establishment of healthier communities.

Doctor’s Delights was developed to bring mental health issues to the table in a less-threatening, less-stigmatized way.

Doctor’s Delights is a service providing public awareness of mental health and well-being issues by combining psychology with culinary arts thru dinner parties, social media broadcasts, etc. It is the desire to minimize the stigma associated with mental illness and make mental health and wellness issues more open for discussion in comfortable, engaging forums.

Doctor’s Delights pairs mental health issues with food recipes in a lighthearted, yet informative manner.

Throughout history, great food has proved to be an effective backdrop in bringing a sense of comfort to life’s most difficult challenges. Just as there are ingredients that go into the creation of a your favorite dish, there are ingredients that go into you living the best life possible.  The pairing of the recipes with mental health issues is not intended to trivialize the serious of mental health issues. The intention is to remove the stigma associated with mental disorders and make them more palatable to discuss.  Doctor’s Delights takes the building block philosophy of cooking and applies it to mental health awareness and well-being in an ever-friendly, non-threating manner.

The Doctor’s Delights forum consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Doctor’s Delights community events (dinner parties, strolling dinners, seminars, etc.)

  • Social Media Campaigns (including a Doctor’s Delights internet show to bring awareness on a variety of mental health and wellness issues)

  • Cookbook

  • Food and beverage items