This is a Place for Healing

BLOOM Transformation Center is a full-service wellness center offering emotional healing and personal transformation through a variety of methods. Licensed therapists and practitioners offer traditional mental health services while incorporating holistic practices to help individuals transcend life challenges. Ancient Gong (Sound) Meditation Therapy and Revolutionary Trauma and Stress Release Exercises are a sampling of services offered in this tranquil space. 

 The center is located in River Park Lofts a 120 year old turn of the century building full of character, featuring beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings, and exposed brick walls. And did we mention the view! BLOOM Transformation Center is situated at Detroit’s famed River Walk which winds through a community park that sits at the beautiful Detroit River with views of Windsor, Ontario. 

In the midst of Detroit’s resurgence and transformation, it is more important than ever for people to have a safe, healing and comforting environment to achieve their own personal transformation.  BLOOM Transformation Center’s transcending space cultivates an opportunity for a new narrative of wellness. 

In the words of BLOOM Transformation Center’s founder and director Dr. Rose Moten, “It’s time to build ourselves up as high as the skyscrapers and renovate our lives to reveal our wildest dreams. It’s moving forward with respect to the past. It’s letting go of what’s not working but holding close those things that make you so unapologetically and authentically you.”

There is unimaginable prospect and promise in Detroit, but it is unlocking the passion and potential of the people that will drive the motor city into full bloom.”

In Full BLOOM Transformation Center Encompasses:

  • A 2,000+ square-feet of serene, historic 2 story loft space

  • An airy reception area available for community and private rental 

  • Three private rooms for one-on-one therapy sessions

  • Trauma Release and Gong Therapy stations